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FinWhaleX & Steam Market

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We accept any liquid items starting at $ 12. If you have equipment for Dota, CS: GO, TF2, etc. lying around, lay it and get up to 90% of the assessed value.

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You can access the platform from your phone, tablet, PC without reference to the location and time zone.

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If for some reason you cannot repay the loan, we simply take the inventory and sell it, returning your debt.

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Any request and question is processed within 22 minutes. regardless of the time of day.

Get paid without selling inventory.

Get paid against Steam inventory
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Previously, this could be considered science fiction, but now - the reality of the XXI century..

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The platform was created by specialists in the field of finance, investment, IT. It is important for us not only to create the sphere of communication between investors and borrowers online, but also to organize an eco-system for their interaction. The acute problem of quick loans is solved with our help for 50% of residents of different countries and continents. We insure transactions, ensure compliance with the conditions and repayment of the collateral without unbelievable overpayments on the part of the borrower.

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Media about our platform

FinWhaleX Launching P2P Lending That Uses Digital Assets on Steam as Collateral.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the financial industry. In fact, a report published by Allied Market Research in 2017 estimated that the global peer-to-peer lending market would increase by almost 52% per year, reaching the US $460 billion in value by 2022.

Cryptocurrency is not at War with the Banks. People have Already Chosen!

One platform that manages intelligent lending is FinWhaleX, which, in addition to its basic functions, acts as a PaaS for exchanges and provides marginal trading for them. According to the white paper, FinWhaleX offers a variety of professional tools aimed at revolutionizing the global financial industry, but it also addresses the big picture.

P2P Crypto Lending Is on the Rise

Finwhalex is a blockchain-based credit platform that’s devised a new collateralization system that allows Steam gaming assets to be swapped for cryptocurrency. With 10 million daily users and $4.3 billion in revenue, Steam is the largest gaming platform in the world. Finwhalex is applying the finishing touches to a system for integrating virtual assets into its collateralized system, enabling Steam users to unlock their illiquid gaming assets.

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